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Writer Hong Jiyeon
Phone number ********
Subject If you want to adopt a pet, Gangdong Reborn Center

Abandoned animal sales ceremony is held on the second Saturday of every month at Reborn (73 Yangjae-daero 81-gil, Seongnae-dong), Gangdong-gu Abandoned Animal Sales Center. This is a special event that welcomes abandoned dogs into their new family after going through the adoption process. A total of 35 abandoned dogs met their families and made a fresh start this year. On December 5 (Sunday), the family of Arin Moon (1st year middle school student) who was preparing to adopt Honeybee (mixed dog) visited the Reborn Center to receive education. Arin, a student in Ilsan, convinced her parents that she wanted to have her dog four years ago. The family, who decided they wanted to own a puppy, started studying companion animals and found that there is a way to adopt a puppy instead of buying one. Moon Ho-beom, Arin's father, said, "It was difficult because there was not as much information about adoption as I thought. I hope that puppy adoption will be more publicized." Mother Yoon Se-young couldn't even go near 'hairy animals', except for Honeybee. Honeybee, a 7-year-old abandoned dog, is being treated for heartworm, and as soon as this treatment is over, she needs to undergo neutering and patellar dislocation, but Arin's family has decided to bear all of this. As happy as having a lovely younger brother, Arin is dreaming of becoming a veterinarian and volunteering for free neutering surgery.

Sales procedure
1. Check the Adoptable Abandoned Dogs on the Reborn Center website(www.reborncenter.org)
2. Visit the center and fill out a questionnaire after consultation (phone consultation is prioritized)
3. Carefully consider whether to adopt or not during the deliberation period (20 days or more)
4. After completing the pre-adoption education (2 times), receive the dog for sale and the certificate of sale
5. Completion of compulsory education after sale (5 times in total)
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