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Writer Kim Yunji
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Subject Gangdong-gu, installing smart crosswalks in child protection zones.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul, said it has installed a smart crosswalk in the child protection zone. Earlier in September, as part of the smart crosswalk, the district installed voice guidance aids (4 children's protection zones) and intersection notifications (3 children's protection zones), and this time, floor traffic lights, runway-type crosswalks, and intersection notifications were newly installed.
Floor traffic lights installed in 16 child protection zones in the region are LED floor-type pedestrian traffic lights linked to pedestrian signals, and when traffic lights on the crosswalk change, the floor traffic lights installed on the sidewalk also change.
Pedestrians walking while looking at a smartphone can easily recognize it, thereby preventing pedestrian safety accidents in advance. As a result of installing it in a child protection zone reflecting social changes in the increasing use of smartphones by elementary school students, it is receiving positive responses from schools and parents.
In addition, "runway-type crosswalks" were installed in 32 places, including child protection zones, to enhance driver visibility by reclaiming guidance lights at regular intervals on crosswalks with a high risk of pedestrian accidents.
In addition, intersection notifications that detect vehicle access to intersections on the back road were installed at 10 child protection zones located on non-signal roads with a high risk of traffic accidents.
Intersection Notification is a facility that can prevent traffic accidents by reminding drivers of safety awareness when entering an intersection during the day and by detecting headlights of vehicles approaching the intersection at night and notifying drivers and pedestrians of their access.
Mayor, Lee Jung-hun said, "Gu is safe, etc."We have been making steady efforts to improve the environment on our way home from school, and we expect this smart crosswalk to further contribute to the creation of a safe walking environment, he said. "We will continue to do our best to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians."
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