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Writer Chung Uiyoon
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Subject "Three Hearts" and Gangdong, line 9, and race to the economic city.

Transportation in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, is expected to be dramatically improved in the future as the fourth-phase extension project of Subway Line 9 begins on the 30th. Gangdong-gu, which marks the era of 500,000 people, is expected to leap from Seoul's representative "bed town" to an economic hub in the eastern metropolitan area with three hearts, including Godeok Biz Valley, high-tech business complex and engineering complex.

According to Gangdong-gu on the 20th, the district will start construction on the 30th of the section 1 of the 4th extension project of the Urban Railroad Line 9 "Central Veterans Hospital Station to Daemyung Elementary School Entrance" (1.3km) and the section 3 "Godeok I-Park Apartment to Godeokgangil District 1 (1.5km). It is scheduled to be completed in 2028, and the name of the station will be confirmed ahead of its opening.

The fourth-phase extension project of Urban Railroad Line 9 is a project to establish four stations in a total distance of 4.1km to Godeokgangil District 1 via Tae Park, Hanyeong High School, and Godeok Station on Line 5. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is in charge of the construction.

The project is divided into a total of three tools. Among them, following the second section of Daemyung Elementary School Intersection to Godeok I-Park Apartment (1.3km), which began construction first on August 31, all sections of Line 9 will finally begin construction.

These achievements are the result of the district's active efforts for more than 10 years to "traffic welfare" for residents. Since the announcement of the candidate site for the Bogeumjari Housing District by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 2011, the following year, the district has included the fourth phase of Line 9 in the Godeok and Gangil Bogeumjari Housing District's wide-area traffic improvement measures.

In an interview with the mayor of Seoul in April last year, the district also suggested that the project be carried out in a turnkey manner (one-day bid) to speed up the construction and opening of the fourth stage of the Line 9. As a result, the fourth stage extension project of Line 9 was decided in a turnkey manner in the deliberation of the bidding method for large construction companies in Seoul, reducing the time required to start construction by half after approval of the basic plan.

In the district, there is an additional extension section of Line 9, Godeokgangil District 1~The "Gangil-dong" (1.3km) section also announced that the project is proceeding smoothly. The additional extension section was included in the measures to improve wide-area traffic in the Wangsuk district of Namyangju in December last year, and passed a preliminary feasibility study by public institutions at the end of September.

Lee Jung-hun, head of Gangdong-gu District Office, said, "We will realize transportation welfare by making efforts to smoothly promote the current project of direct connection of Line 5, extension of Line 8, and extension of Line 9."
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