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Writer Hong Jiyeon
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Subject Gangdong, a green-friendly city where people and the city are healthy together

<Urban Agriculture> Won the Korea Environment Award for 11 consecutive years
Gangdong Urban Agricultural Park
Gangdong Urban Agricultural Park is a theme park where you can comprehensively show and experience urban agriculture such as children's agricultural experience, traditional play experience, and residents' shelter. 1,200 children a year participate in the experience program, and it has established itself as a place for residents to watch and heal, such as the observation vegetable garden. In the future, facilities will be improved to become a theme park that symbolizes urban agriculture in Gangdong-gu.
Sangil-dong Farmix Garden
Sangil-dong Farmix Garden, which will be newly introduced with full opening, is a garden-type vegetable garden with relaxation and experience and is equipped with cypress forests, flower gardens, deck terraces, trails, and night view lighting to provide comfortable rest for residents. Smart farms, the supply of companion plants for the underprivileged, and the operation of a horticultural healing program provided small comfort to the residents in the era of Corona 19.

<Amsa Green Road> Passing through the green park to the banks of the Han River
The Amsa Green Road is a project to restore the historicity of the ruins and increase accessibility to the Han River by connecting the Han River, which was cut off by the Olympic Boulevard, and the Amsa-dong ruins. As a result of the resident signature campaign starting in July 2018, which had been suspended since the start of construction in 2011, construction resumed after gathering the wishes of 100,000 residents.
The Han River Business Headquarters is promoting the undergroundization of Olympic Avenue and the creation of a green park on the upper part of the road. When it is completed at the end of 2022, it is expected that the Greenway, which surrounds Gangdong-gu from the banks of the Han River to Godeok Mountain, Myeongil Neighborhood Park, Gil-dong Ecological Park, and Ilja Mountain will be completed, while being reborn as a Seoul attraction where history, ecology and leisure coexist.
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