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Writer Lee Yunjin
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Subject [Street Art Museum] 25. With You.

[Street Art Museum] 25. With You.

Gangdong-gu organized the event under the theme of "The Year of rising again," with the first local image of the sun rising in Seoul, expectations for daily life to be restored after COVID-19, and wishes for a hopeful future. The district office fully supported the production cost of the work, and the writers donated the completed work.

Sculptor Kim Byung-kyu (44) is one of the three artists who produced and exhibited works at the symposium.He is a rising writer who pays attention to actively portraying the daily lives of people working in the city.

Writer Kim created a work called With You. He completed his work over 20 days in a temporary greenhouse in Amsa History Park, overcoming the cold wind. Currently, this work is displayed in an open garden in front of the main building of the district office.

The work is 4m wide, 1m long, and 3.20m high, and is painted with urethane in white on stainless steel. A man and a woman in silhouette and a dog are actively walking on the street. The dog is walking with two feet decorated in blue, waving its purple tail. Women in high heels are light-hearted as if they were a walk after a long time. The steps of a man wearing a hat and sneakers are also cheerful. The two seem to be lovers, but they are walking without holding hands. The spread of COVID-19 also revealed social distancing in sculptures.

Writer Kim said, "It is a work that comforts the daily lives of citizens tired of COVID-19," adding, "I hope citizens will overcome with positive attitudes and progressive spirit without giving in to any COVID-19 threats or fears."

Due to the re-proliferation of COVID-19, daily life has stopped for a while. Distancing, business hours restrictions, and telecommuting are stop lights that are turned on before a straight signal of free daily recovery. Numerous people, including doctors, nurses, and public officials, have been sweating blood at the quarantine site over the past two years. If you don't want to waste their hard work, you have to keep the stop signal.

Stop traffic lights are bound to turn into straight signals. And we will be able to move forward vigorously again like writer Kim's With You.
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