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Writer Kim Heewon
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Subject In 2022, 3,557 participants for the Gangdong-gu Elderly Job Program were recruited.

Gangdong-gu (mayor Lee Jung hun) is recruiting participants for the 2022 Elderly Job and Social Activity Support Project until December 17.

Next year's "Elderly Job and Social Activity Support Project" will be 3,557 (61 projects), an increase of 330 from 3,227 (52 projects) this year, and will be promoted in three areas (▲2,919 people active in public interest ▲ 360 people in social service ▲ 278 people in market).

The "public interest activity type" is non-no-care, support for the vulnerable, and volunteer work for public facilities, and under the principle of basic pensioners aged 65 or older, they will be active for 10 to 11 months (more than 30 hours per month and less than 3 hours a day), and less than 270,000 won will be paid.

The "social service type" includes home visits to vulnerable groups, senior safety monitoring, daycare center childcare assistants, and support for facilities related to the elderly, with senior citizens aged 65 or older (15 hours a week, 60 hours a month or more) participating and up to 710,000 won per month.

The "market type" is a senior counseling cafe, woodworking room, leather workshop, pedestrian safety management personnel, etc., and in principle, senior citizens aged 60 or older are paid according to the labor contract.

In particular, next year's senior jobs will be greatly expanded to provide services to areas in need of social help by utilizing senior citizens' careers and activity capabilities so that senior citizens with professional knowledge or experience can perform social contribution jobs with a little higher salary.

Those who wish to participate in the elderly job program can visit the ▲ Gangdong-gu Office Senior Welfare Division ▲ Gangdong Senior Welfare Center ▲ Haegong Senior Welfare Center ▲ Seongdong Senior Welfare Center ▲ Gangdong Senior Club online. However, applicants through the online system also need to visit in person, such as submitting supporting documents.

Mayor Lee Jung hun, said, "We will actively find various jobs to support the healthy and happy retirement of the elderly and make efforts to provide them to more senior citizens."

For other details, contact the recruitment announcement section of Gangdong-gu Office's website or the Senior Welfare Division of Gangdong-gu Office.
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