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Writer Kang Minji
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Subject Gangdong-gu, 5 Youth Darak Workshop opened at the same time.

On the 16th, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, simultaneously opened five newly created "multi-acute workshops" to revitalize the streets of Gucheon-myeon and support youth start-ups.

According to the district on the 17th, the Youth Darak Workshop' is an example of applying a successful case of Angel Workshop Street built in the area of Seongan-ro to Gucheon-myeon-ro. It will revitalize the streets along with six base spaces, including Gucheon-myeon Road Workshop and Shared Kitchen 373, which are operated around Gucheon-myeon-ro.

The five workshops opened this time featured young people with expertise and passion in various fields, including rare plants, textiles, fashion, makeup, candles and baking. They were supported with initial start-up costs such as deposits, rent, and interior construction costs.

Lee Jung-hoon, head of Gangdong-gu District Office, said, "The youth attic workshop will be the center point to lead the Gucheon-myeon-ro area to dreams and hopes streets," adding, "We plan to continue to expand the workshop around Gucheon-myeon-ro, starting with the five that opened this time."

Meanwhile, the Gucheon-myeon-ro area is gradually revitalizing the streets through the Gangdong-type village regeneration project "Creating a Street I Want to Walk to Gucheon-myeon." Gangdong Children's Restaurant, where anyone can have a high-quality meal for 2,500 won, and Cheonho Aureum Center, a customized health, welfare, and cultural complex for single-person households and vulnerable groups, have recently opened and operated. Along with the undergroundization of the wires, various landscape improvement projects are also being promoted.

Director Lee said, "In the first half of next year, when the projects are completed, you will be able to see the newly changed Gucheon-myeon Road, a cultural street full of dreams and hopes."
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