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Writer Jung Hye Yoon
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Subject A small oasis next to the crosswalk, installing Shade Canopies

On June 16th11 a.m though it was early summer, heat wave warnings were issued. As the heat wave warnings were issued, the community service centers and senior citizens' community center were opened for resting areas to avoid the heat, visit or call the vulnerable social groups like senior citizens who live alone to check their medical conditions. They also send text messages to advertise Occupation Associations.

Also, Gangdong-gu(Head Chief Lee Hae-Shik) runs a 'oasis in the streets'. To prevent the extreme heat in summer, they installed shade canopies near 11 crosswalks.

Gangdong-gu predicted that their will be extreme heat as last year, and selected places with lots of floating population, major crosswalks, crossroads, traffic islands without shades, and does not block the sight of pedestrians and drivers. 11 places including in front of Gangdong-gu Office, Gangdong Public Garage, Hana-ro Mart Go-Duk branch, Dongbu technology education center intersection, Amsa Station intersection, in front of Chun-ho Brown Stone, Chun-ho Hyundai Department Store, Chun-ho station 2nd entrance, Sungnae 3-dong Model house, IBK corporation bank Gil-dong branch, and Homeplus Gangdong branch wil be installed.

Shade canopies can enable pedestrians to avoid the extreme sunlight, and can prevent heat illnesses such as sunstroke, so it is getting a lot of positive responses from citizens.

The Shade canopy will be a 3.5~5m folding parasol, that is made with special fabric significant in sunblock and ventilation.

Gangdong-gu has joined the public works compensation insurance in case of an accident occurred from the shade canopy, and appointed a shade canopy owner to check troubles or safety everyday. Also, strong winds or heavy rain comes, the owner will quickly hold the shade canopy and keep it, and will take care thoroughly in case of accidents occurred from the shade canopy.

Lee Hae Shik, head chief of Gangdong-gu said that "In hot summer, we will listen to the voices of people in Gangdong-gu who are working hard in the hot weather, and will continue to expand installing shade canopies. We will also take care thoroughly in checking the safety of shade canopies." He also added "We will try our best for all Gangdong-gu citizens to pass the summer in a healthy way."
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