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Writer Kim Seo-yeon
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Subject Donation of 'Aiya'

Gangdong-gu(Lee Hae-Sik, the head of Gangdong-gu) held a scholarship fund ceremony with Culture and Arts Cooperative 'Aiya' on July 6. As the part of the 6th Gangdong-gu Social-Economic Week Celebration, Aiya that performed the family musical 'Three Assholes' at Gangdong-gu Community Center on the first day of July donated 1 million won, the amount of 70% of their performance profits.
'Aiya' was established in March 2017, starting as a group called 'The Dining Table' at the 'Village Theater Company' in December 2013. All of the members are not only mothers of children but also job discontinued women who had been engaged in cultural arts. Their purpose is to make all local residents, reardless of region and income, enjoy cultural and arts performances.
Especially, 'Three Assholes' recorded to be sold out on the Internet booking within one week. This is heavily indebted to the trust to verified Local Arts Organization and the expectation of locally tailored performances.
Additionally, to provide their performance to more residents, 'Aiya' sold tickets 70% discounted from price on the market and donated 70% of their income.
Geong Ga-lam, the leader of 'Aiya', said "As the cooperative working in the community, it is natural to return to the local community and our plan is to continue our activities with customized performance, the activity that visit in person to local day care center, kindergarten, school, library, resident center and etc. which have few opportunities to watch performances.
Lee Hae-Sik said "We will actively support Cultural and Arts Organizations based on the region to be able to become independent through continuous growth through collaboration and local residents to get opportunities enjoy cultural arts."
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